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Video Testimonial

With Abby Kendrick from NYC


"I just had a fantastic BQH session with Lori. I felt very comfortable and relaxed with her. I found out about my origin and got a lot of questions answered. This session gave me so much information and confirmation to keep on going and following my path. I really recommend having a BQH session with Lori. I feel wonderful, thanks!"

Lisanne Thewessen

BQH Client


"My BQH session was so healing. I came out of it feeling so the calmest I've felt in months. I was able to connect to my higher being and received some self-reassurance about my journey here. Lori is great. Patient and understanding. You feel completely at ease with her."

Joanna Maharaj

BQH Client

New York

"My recent BQH session with Lori was life changing! I was able to address and resolve many of my personal emotional issues. The insight I received was absolutely mind blowing and the information I accessed altered my life. Moreover, the people who listened to the recording of my session received healing just from listening to the session. The blessings of the BQH continue to spread for me and I continue to receive visions and access into the Higher Wisdom. This is a must have experience for all seekers. Lori is such a loving, kind, and perceptive soul. Her professionalism made me feel absolutely fearless, secure, and elated. She held the anchor and I was free to soar. I would absolutely recommend her services. You are going to be in good hands, gently led through the labyrinth of your innermost subconsciousness."

Olga Lukantsov

BQH Client


"I had my first ever Beyond Quantum Healing session with Lori and it was extremely healing. I am so glad my session was with her, and scheduled at the time it was, for many reasons. I feel safe with her and trust her. She is very connected and intuitive, and she incorporated other tools in the session as she felt to, like crystals and tuning forks. Also, how she used them was so spot on! She puts a lot of care into her work and is very conscientious and loving. I am really grateful she facilitated my session and I appreciate how she assisted me, I highly recommend Star Energy Arts!"

Marilynn Ashley Biggers

BQH Client


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