Pink and Red Poppy Handpainted T-Shirt

Pink and Red Poppy Handpainted T-Shirt

Original Hand Painted T-Shirt by Lori Estrella-Auger (Made to Order)


Gildan Brand T-Shirt

Design is hand painted using Rit Fabric Dye 

Some details are drawn in using Fabric Markers


All T-Shirts are pre-soaked in Rit Colorstay Dye Fixative and run thorugh a wash cycle and clothing dryer before shipping.

All T-shirts are handpainted, therefore any design you choose will be slightly different, making each shirt an original, with no 2 shirts exactly alike.


This Design is Available in V-Neck or Crew Neck Style T-Shirt in Women's Sizes- S, M, L

Crew Neck Style for Kids are also available in Children's Sizes- S, M, L