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Delve deeper into the SEA of your soul and

awaken the Creator within

at Star Energy Arts

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Lori Estrella-Auger is an artist from NYC with a Bachelor of Fine Art from School of Visual Arts, and a Certified Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner and Mediation Guide, currently based in Palm Beach County Florida.

Lori created Star Energy Arts to assist others in finding peace, guidance and personal growth in their lives, by using Art and Energy Work to help you tap into your inner voice/higher self.

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Video Testimonial

With Abby Kendrick from NYC

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Star Energy Arts


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Beyond Quantum Healing

Communicate clearly with

Your Higher Self and Experience

Past Life Regression through a

Beyond Quantum Healing Session


Sound Therapy

Cleanse and Balance your Energy Field with Sound using Solfeggio Frequency Tuning Forks or Crystal Singing Bowls

Art Workshops  for Patreon Members

Become a Member of My Patreon Community and express yourself through art during live painting workshops 

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